What We Do

Audio Design and Production

The Art of Sound

We compose compelling original music for your creative projects: ambient soundtracks and music for your projects.

Music and Voice

We create exciting music, voice, audio FX and audiobook productions for use in your unique creative projects.


Audio Design

Soundtracks, Voice-overs & Audiobooks


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Experience our audio releases on all major music streaming platforms!

YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and over other twenty streaming services.

Our sound is unique, our music and voiceworks are thought provoking. Just dig it!

Sound Matters

Music and FX drive the emotions!

Brian King, artist and designer photo


Sound Designer/Composer/Producer      

With over forty years experience in design, audio, art, writing. publishing and digital content creation, I seek to create and add beauty to the world. Vikki King, my wife and fated love, is my Muse!